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    What is the fastest growing, ever evolving aspect in the Real Estate industry???  Without a doubt, the resounding answer from Brokers and clients alike is Technology!  To stay ahead of the curve, to be relevant to our clients; Windermere has made a pledge to lead in this arena…

    The ultimate goal of any Broker is to provide their client with a transaction that is as seamless and stress free as possible.  By utilizing and embracing some of the amazing new technology within our industry we are able to do just that!  The training component alone for the technology piece of our business is monumental as you can imagine.  With that in mind Windermere staffs a full time technology officer who keeps in touch with latest trends and technological offerings for our Brokers and their clients.



    As in many industries; we strive to be eco-conscious and have wholly embraced the paperless transaction.  While this took some getting used to; we find that both our Brokers as well as their clients appreciate the lessening impact to our environment a paperless transaction provides, as well as the ease of having documents signed and sent to all parties electronically!  The advent of the “digital signature” and secure, “cloud based” transaction storage system literally changed the landscape of the Real Estate industry by allowing both Brokers and clients alike to conduct business from wherever they may be…with the assurance that the business conducted is stored safely “in the cloud”.   For those clients who prefer to have a paper file in hand; we are absolutely happy to facilitate that as well.



    Removing the need to be physically present has opened so many opportunities for buyers and sellers today.  To get to know one another via video conferencing and in many instances even preview properties remotely via similar technology is huge!  One of our Redmond agents; Cheryl Tanler (pictured below) has made previewing homes in this manner part of her regular business practice…this can be especially helpful when working with an investment buyer or out of town owner.  In the case of one of Cheryl’s buyers, Anthony J.; his initial exposure to the house was “virtual”…upon coming to town and actually previewing it in person, the buyer commented that he was “surprised at how similar the home felt in person compared to what he had seen “virtually” .  The typical investment property price range is one that doesn’t stay on the market for very long; video conferencing a showing of the home will often enable a buyer to make a decision in a timely manner to avoid some of the pitfalls of a multiple offer situation.  With this particular tool an agent can provide a potential buyer a highly interactive experience by verbally and visually “walking” the buyer through the property; pointing out highlights and features of the home while being able to answer any questions the buyer may have as he “virtually” views the property!    Photo of real estate agent giving video tour.



    With the Windermere branded Touch CMA; a prospective seller is able to electronically receive dynamic, interactive listing information on all of their devices (including mobile);  regardless of their physical location.  This unique tool will allow a seller to view all comparable properties within their price point at anytime from anywhere!  This state of the art information is a very valuable tool for a seller as they explore the “cost vs value” decision every seller must make.  A client of Windermere’s Rinehart, Dempsey, Phelps (RDP) Team recently wrote that he found the Touch CMA program “…unusually informative and unlike any technology I’ve seen from any other Broker…” .  Picture of Andrea Phelps with RDP Team showing a client Touch CMA



    In keeping with our philosophy of leading in the technology arena; we recently designed and built a state of the art; interactive web site with enhanced photographs and mapping capability that will allow consumers to search for nearby properties on their mobile devices .  Through this website, our customers are alerted on an hourly basis (or less often if desired) anytime a property comes on the market that meets their particular search parameters.  They are also able to preview as many homes as they desire on their own schedule.

    Picture of The Windermere Website App


    As new construction once again becomes a prevalent part of our local marketplace; the value this type of innovative technology affords our clientele is staggering!  JML Realty Group, working alongside Conifer Construction recently had the opportunity to video-conference with an investor client in Singapore on our fully interactive touch screen to review and physically revise blue print drawings of a home they are building!  Once the changes were agreed upon by all parties; our technology allowed the contractor to simply send the changes off to the engineering department; thereby keeping the construction process moving along in a timely manner and bringing the investor one step closer to completing their project in Central Oregon!  Picture of Jake Moorhead with Conifer Construction Services and JML Realty Group


    The list is growing daily and the sky is the limit for the advances of technology within the Real Estate industry… the systems Windermere has implemented are in 100% compliance with the Oregon Real Estate Agency.  All transaction files are digitally reviewed by our management team for content, compliance and signatures within the time frames allowed by our governing agency.  We purposed to Re-Define Excellence within the Real Estate Agency…and though we have taken a leading position with technology in our industry; we also have kept true to our core values by follow up with thorough PERSONAL communication and one on one interaction with our buyers and sellers.   The commitment we have made to train our Brokers in technology is secondary only to our commitment to training and upholding Best Professional Practices within the arenas of our expertise. As owners of Windermere; Lawnae Hunter and Tona Restine pledge to serve our clients with cutting edge, state of the art technology as well as with well trained excellence.


    Windermere Central Oregon Real Estate operates offices at 695 SW Mill View Way in Bend and 1020 SW Indian Way in Redmond and are fully staffed with over 60 Brokers ready to serve the buyers and sellers of their communities. If you are thinking of buying or selling; please contact us today to meet with one of our team.  If you are an agent who is looking for a career change; don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tona Restine today for a confidential meeting to discuss what could be the best move you will ever make! 541.610.5148

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